Clatronic bird's-eye view

Since 1982, Clatronic International GmbH is a family owned business and succesfully provides products  from the following segments:

  • Small domestic appliances
  • Major domestic appliances 
  • as well as consumer electronics


 The Clatronic Group, consisting of


  • Clatronic International GmbH
  • C. Bomann GmbH
  • and the ETV, Elektro-technischen Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH
is a market leading company for SDA and MDA and offers a wide and innovative range of products. With our three companies and our five brands (Clatronic, Bomann, ProfiCook, ProfiCare, and CTC), we offer over 1.000 consumer friendly trendy and innovative products.


With more then 100.000 sqm logistic warehouse, the Clatronic-Group supplies all leading national and international sales channels.